How to Join Us

Membership is open, by subscription, to any person interested in furthering the aims of the Society. By joining and giving your support – be it merely by subscribing or by taking a more active role - you strengthen the Society’s position. This enables it to represent and be more effective on behalf of as many local residents as possible.

Subscription is due annually on 1st January at just £5 per annum per household, payable by bankers order. You can apply for membership of the Society by either printing off this Application Form or by contacting  Ossie Wardell Yerburgh, tel: 01628 528041, email:

Many thanks for your help with this, it means we can spend less time on administration and more time on the things that really matter to Cookham.

We are trying to make our payments more efficient and will contact you by email wherever possible.  Please put our new email address in your contacts book so that we can send reminders

We are a cheerful and enthusiastic group of people from a wide range of backgrounds. Join us and become actively involved in your local community. Help make a difference to where you live!

For more information please contact: Lysette Penston on 01628 473862 or