The COOKHAM SOCIETY is an active local amenity society that represents over 600 households and 1200 members and has a very strong track record in looking after the interests of Cookham and its residents. Its aims are for the benefit of the public, to protect, preserve, improve or create features of general public amenity, historic, architectural, artistic, social or cultural importance and those relating to the beauty and ecology within the geographical area known as ‘The Cookhams in Berkshire.

The Society is neither political nor sectarian. ‘The Cookhams’, (Village, Rise and Dean), are enjoyed by countless visitors and non-residents are very welcome to join the Society and give their support to its aims.

Acting through an elected Committee, the Society keeps a watch on all matters affecting the locality. These include planning applications and development, roads, bridges, bridleways and footpaths, public open spaces, the riverside, tree planting and preservation, local services and so on. We also rely on our members to communicate with the Society on matters of local concern or interest. 

Through its presence at local events and its own events programme, the Society also endeavours to contribute to the sense of community in ‘The Cookhams’.

Government, both national and local, has come increasingly to recognise the importance of public opinion in planning and development proposals. They also recognise this opinion can often best be ascertained and expressed through the medium of a local Amenity Society, such as The Cookham Society.

An Annual General Meeting is held in the Spring to elect the Committee for the following year, approve the accounts, etc. Social meetings and events are held from time to time, when members have an opportunity to meet the Committee and discuss matters of local interest.

Periodically, the Society issues a Newsletter reporting on its activities and drawing attention to matters of local concern. On major local issues a Special Meeting will be called to ensure that the Society reflects the majority view.

The Society recognises that in a healthy community such as the Cookhams there will always be the need for development.  To ensure there is an adequate framework for the consideration of planning proposals the Society has co-sponsored, with Cookham Parish Council, the production of a Village Design Statement.